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My Granddaughter's Kindness

--by dotmatrix, posted Jun 3, 2023
I'm so proud of my granddaughter. She turns ten this week and I just learned yesterday from my daughter that she and three of her classmates are raising money for a non-prof by participating in a kid triathlon.

Here's the blurb.

"The fantastic four (Evie, Bea, Oskar and Joshua) from Victoria Park Primary School year 5 Hawthorn class, are doing their first triathlon and raising funds for the charity Restless Development (about this charity below). They will each be swimming 50 metres, cycling 1k, and running 750m. Please donate to support the 'Hawthorn Hotshots'. Thank you!

"Restless Development is a global non-profit agency that supports the collective power of young people to create a more sustainable world. We listen, train and connect young people to lead on meaningful change in their communities. We work out of 7 hubs located in Africa and Asia but we have a global impact with a presence in over 56 countries. We prioritise youth leadership by supporting young people to find solutions to the problems they face. Whether it be supporting young people to set up their own business or helping to end child marriage, we work with young people to change their lives and the lives of people in their communities.Restless Development puts young people at the forefront of what we do and this is why these triathlons are especially important to us. Working with such an energetic and ambitious group of young fundraisers and triathletes, who are already making a positive difference around the world at such an early stage in their lives is incredibly inspiring."
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Rajni wrote: Angels walk in any shape on this planet earth. They can be young kids, swimming, cycling and running as well.

Dot, you raised your daughter very nicely that she in turn raised her own in a beautiful way.

We are proud of grandmother, mother and daughter combo.

Your granddaughter's kindness is very inspiring.
Tulip wrote: Notes of inspiration. Nice!
DANCE wrote: So wonderful, bless them!
gardengal10 wrote: Her good deeds run in the family:))
unknown wrote: Very impressive!
Mish wrote: She has your kindness gene, Dot 👌🏻❤️
mindyjourney wrote: So very cool, dear dot! She does indeed take after her grandmother :))))
pluto178 wrote: No prizes for guessing that she takes after you lol x
petroskryf wrote: Kindness is indeed a family thing ...
scully wrote: What an awesome cause and glad to hear your granddaughter participation at the young age of 10! I hope my girls are inspired to do something cool like that too

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