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Self-check out

--by AngieWilson, posted Jun 3, 2023
I know it's simple but still nice. I was about to use self-check at the grocery store, all the other check-outs were full. I looked behind me to see a couple with only a few items. I told them to go ahead and take my place. It's not much but I received some awesome smiles and thank you's from them! Win-win!
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Rajni wrote: Your kindness is rocking. May God help you keep it up.
Tulip wrote: Angie, nice to see you back here! Tennis soon! Enjoy the vada day.
unknown wrote: Kindness all round! 👍
Mish wrote: Never underestimate what your kind act might mean to someone, Angie. Well done 👍
petroskryf wrote: Always a kind thing to do, thank you.
mindyjourney wrote: Always a nice thing to do :))). Thank you!
scully wrote: Nice to let them pass, good job
pluto178 wrote: Joy creation x
dotmatrix wrote: It is kinda much you know? Especially when you're having a tough day. Unexpected kindness is like a warm hug. It can literally change your body chemistry by flooding it with endorphins or whatever those nurturing chemicals are. So it's healing too. Feels good. ♥.

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