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Labor Of Love And Gratitude

--by DotMatrix, posted Jul 6, 2023
(9 May 2023 update):
Just finished watching and transcribing the interview with Shahroo Izadi (The Kindness Method) being interviewed by Steven Bartlett (Diary of a CEO). Incredible! I can’t recommend it enough, especially for anyone who has ever looked in the mirror and wanted to punch it or burst into tears. I’ve spent the last four days with them transcribing this and making the graphics. (I’ll finish this week.) Everything in bold after the intro will become a graphic eventually. This is one of about 14 so far.

I want to remember this.

"So then I had a session with my therapist and she said, “What if you never change?” And I was so angry, I can’t begin to tell you. And I’m not a particularly angry person, but I was really angry with her. Because I thought, “Well if I don’t change, then I never start living. I never start being nice to myself. What, that day never comes?” So I came out and started thinking about it, sort of entertained it. Long story short, spent a couple of weeks acting like, “I’m never going to change.” And I started doing the stuff that I was putting on hold. And then everything changed."

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pluto178 wrote: A friend repeatedly said I will never meet anyone special after a few years I replied I agree I don’t think you will either….she was shocked and asked why I would say that and I said I am not saying it you do its become your mantra and it is now a self fulfilling prophecy…….she stopped saying it and met someone shortly after………sometimes our worst enemy is ourselves. X
Mish wrote: What a heroic effort on your part!! Kudos
mindyjourney wrote: That’s a whole lot of kind energy and time, dear dot! Well done :)))
Rajni wrote: There is no reason to get angry even if someone says “What if you never change?”

We need to take it as a challenge and prove him/her wrong. The adversity or offence or insult, whatever comes our way teaches us great life lessons.
kmbhai wrote: so inspiring. thanks.
DANCE wrote: Thank you for doing this for others. I'll check it now too
Lovebeingkind wrote: Thanks for sharing this valuable information with us, dear Dot. And kudos to you for transcribing the video for your hearing-impaired friends. I have done that sort of work in the past for preparing exams for language students and know that an incredible amount of time goes into transcribing such talks. I especially liked the part of the video where they talk about the "3 A's" - be AWARE of the feelings which arise concerning an issue which is bothering you, ACCEPT and then ARTICULATE it. Going to try this out. Thanks Dot (and the lovely presenters) 🤗💗

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