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Stamp Our Hunger 🍎

--by mindyjourney, posted Jul 15, 2023

🍎 In gratitude for the mail carrier's food drive today, we filled a bag to leave by our rural PO box.

🍪 Volunteering at food bank and bringing a plate of chocolate chip cookies as an expression of thanks for fellow volunteers.

😊 Every day, there are countless ways to amp up the kindness, my friends! We just need to reach out, take action and DO. Why wait?

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pluto178 wrote: A great idea and well organised. Well done x
Lovebeingkind wrote: 👍💗
gardengal10 wrote: Same here!
Mish wrote: You never hesitate, Thats for sure ❤️
cabbage wrote: Great job!!
DANCE wrote: Thank you, well done

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