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Mother's Day Bag Lunches

--by cabbage, posted Jul 15, 2023
Made bag lunches to distribute to anyone who needed to be fed---we walked all over the city as a family and gave them out and it was so good to see the smiles of folks who are used to being ignored. It was a mother's day tradition and I'm happy to keep going forever! So grateful.
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coolschoolcanada wrote: That is wonderful.. what a neat way to spend mother's day by giving to others. You are so thoughtful!
Mish wrote: What a special tradition you all share, cabbage. That is so beautiful. Bless you all. 🙏
Rajni wrote: You celebrated Mother's day in a very kind and inspiring way. Thanks
gardengal10 wrote: Caring tradition!
mindyjourney wrote: That is a beautiful and heartfelt way to share your “mothering,” my friend. Thank you 😊.
pluto178 wrote: This is a beautiful thing to do x
dotmatrix wrote:
cyctw wrote: what a beautiful way to spend mother's day<3.
seijimavi wrote: What a lovely tradition!
DANCE wrote: Beautiful

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