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Helping And Receiving Thankful Words

--by seijimavi, posted Jul 15, 2023
What a lovely afternoon! I want to share how happy I was earlier when my friend thanked me for helping her finish a power point presentation regarding her business plan. She gave me a call and promised to treat me to a meal next week. I agreed, even though I wasn't expecting anything in return when I helped her yesterday, I'm still happy she offered, showing how much she appreciated it. The feeling of gratefulness from others really inspires me to do my best to spread kindness to the world!
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kmbhai wrote: rocking..
coolschoolcanada wrote: Keep up the great work of paying it forward. Kindness is rewarded with kindness!
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for doing and for recognizing the power of gratitude! :))
Rajni wrote: Helping your friend is important. Not expecting anything from others is good, but, sometimes we have to accept something as their gratitude gift. A win win position. Thanks
Mish wrote: Well done 👍 …..Welcome to KindSpring 😊
dotmatrix wrote: Kindness keeps rippling out. ♥
pluto178 wrote: I work well on appreciation too it is such a lovely feeling to be appreciated. X
DANCE wrote: Thank you for your appreciation

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