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A Sweet Meet

--by Mish, posted Sep 9, 2023
It’s warming up here in NYC today…the mailman looked hot! 🥵

💧 My offer of water was so graciously accepted…he held a gentle energy.

🕊 Gave him a peace dove with the water & he gifted me a beautiful smile & a “thank you so much”

❤️ A feel good give 👍

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Pluto178 wrote: Autumn is the anniversary to summer's end, and hot days and nights.
Autumn wrote: Autumn is just around the corner.
unknown wrote: Glad you were able to look after the mailman. 👍 Those peace doves are amazing. I still have 2 from Mindy.❤️🕊
dotmatrix wrote:
Mnc_91 wrote: Indeed, a refreshing kind of day!
unknown wrote: Nice 🙂
cheeka wrote: That's so gracious of you and the mailman!
pluto178 wrote: Just been out for a long walk and gosh did we feel it. When is autumn again lol x
patjos wrote: Lovely day here, sunny, bright, bllue sky, just right :) x
mindyjourney wrote: Doves go with everything! 🕊️ 💦

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