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Planting Seeds

--by cabbage, posted Sep 11, 2023
The local cafe that employs folks who are differently-abled is going through a tough time financially. They have weathered the pandemic and many other financial storms, but I had never seen the owner so discouraged---I gave her big hugs and told her I am going to find someone on the city council who can at least listen and hopefully help.

Just heard back from my council member that they will schedule a zoom meeting and I have asked the owner to be there so she can share her story.

Feel good about bringing these two strong women together to hopefully find a solution! You all know I call this place the "kindness cafe" and have brought many people there to witness the magic. Its impact on the community cannot be measured in dollars.

Helping a friend find student volunteers for a community science outreach event. Though I can't be there, hopefully some of my former students will show up!

Baking cookies to send to our niece and some other family members

Organizing meals for a friend who is going to have surgery next week

Reached out to friend's kid who has just moved to the area for a summer internship--will have her over for dinner

Planting seeds
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Mish wrote: So many beautiful blooms have resulted from your continual loving planting of seeds , cabbage. Bless πŸ™β€οΈ
Helenconnell2 wrote: Excellent news!
pluto178 wrote: This is such a lovely thing to do cafe wise and all locals should try to be supportive to enable them to keep going……..I wish you well in your pursuits do let us know how it goes. X
TheHuman wrote: Wow πŸ™‚ Very Good πŸ‘
heartofflesh wrote: Great work Great initiative !
gardengal10 wrote: You have made such a difference
DotMatrix wrote: Wow, Cabbage! So many beautiful connections and kindnesses. Well done. β™₯
mindyjourney wrote: Good to hear from you, my friend and fave veggie! So many wonderful ways you share kindness and compassion. Thank you!! πŸ•ŠοΈ
SissyLee wrote: I would give you a ton of karma bucks for all you have done, but I have none. I would love to visit the kindness cafe. It sounds like a magical place! You are an inspiration.
DANCE wrote: Wow, great!

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