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It’s Not Always Easy In Relationships

--by TC, posted Sep 16, 2023
It’s Not Always Easy
When we enter a loving relationship, committing to a life together we may not even think about what that might mean in the future. We embark on our journey together, enjoying the good times and supporting each other through the bad times. Sometimes though, life throws us a curve ball, one of the partners is diagnosed with a life changing illness or condition. This changes a relationship in ways we can not know until we experience it. It may be difficult for both partners as the roles change one becoming the caregiver and the other is cared for. The love and commitment are still there, each partner adapting to the situation and faces the new challenges together. It is not always easy, there will be days when it is overwhelming and that is when they need each other the most. They walk together as well as walk their own path, encouraging each other to do so. They have faith that the other is there to support when the other falters and to cheer them on when they succeed. When my husband was first diagnosed with MS we had no idea how it would all work out. Over twenty years later we are still meeting each day knowing we have each other’s back. It is not always easy, and we do have our differences, we are human after all. Someone asked me so long ago if I was going to stay after my husband’s diagnosis to which I answer yes, why wouldn’t I? Life is not always easy but together we meet its challenges to the best of our ability, some days being better than others but supporting each other all the same. Picture taken and written by TC.

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gardengal10 wrote: A beautiful thing is never perfect.
Mish wrote: ❤️ “For better or worse…through sickness & health….” Good share, TC
pluto178 wrote: I was thinking in sickness and in health myself………but what sort of person asks if you are going to stay now your husbands diagnosis has been given………..unbelievable………I know some cannot cope and leave but I would like to think that wouldn’t be me nor would it happen to me if the roles were reversed. I wish you well and send love and support your way. Thank you for being you x
mindyjourney wrote: Grateful for the loving helpmate 🙏.

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