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Walking together

--by sabrinabennett23, posted Sep 27, 2023
I saw a young girl walking home alone and it was after midnight, had her wait until my son put on his shoes and walk her home Told him no young lady should be walking home alone. He smiled and said "Be back soon". As they walked away he said to her "she's right you know, don't tell I said that". Cheeky little punk! Giggle, smiling proudly,as I head inside . ☺️
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pluto178 wrote: Lol x
Mish wrote: Kind & caring πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
Mish wrote: Welcome to KindSpring 😊
TheHuman wrote: Very Good πŸ™‚
dotmatrix wrote: =) Very cool story. β™₯
unknown wrote: Great upbringing!
Rajni wrote: You had double kindness. You cared for the girl walking alone.

You gave good lesson to your son to help others(here girl) in need. The seed of kindness you sow will become a very BIG tree of kindness. Motherhood in you is shining brightly.

Thanks for choosing Kind Spring. You are in good hands.
cabbage wrote: How sweet!
mindyjourney wrote: Thanks to you and your son! :)

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