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Kindness To Stranger 🙂

--by TheHuman, posted Nov 10, 2023
I saw so many pigeons eating food infront of our shop. I am amazed after watching nature. Then it started raining. I felt awesome. Now a good kindness opportunity knocked my door. A Stranger is waiting under tree as it is raining. I invited him to come under our building. He came. I started chatting with him. He said he is looking for rented room. I asked about his family. I asked his name. I gave 10 minutes of my time to the stranger. Kindness doesn't need money many times. I just gave my time. Finally, I gave a smile and he went away🙏
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mindyjourney wrote: Open heart, opens doors of connection :)
Mish wrote: Extending friendship….well done. 👌🏻❤️
Rajni wrote: You did a very good job of inviting a stranger and had talk with him.

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