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Kindness continues

--by Rajni, posted Nov 10, 2023
Kindness continues

After Kindness Journey, I reached my nephew's house. We have very high regards for each other, He is an avid reader. I gave him some books. I also gave an apron, handkerchiefs made by Utthan-Umang,, and some handmade Birthday cards to his wife. Received smiles with gratitude.

In the evening, his friend visited with his wife. I talked about Kind Spring, told Fatemah and intense positive thinking story and cracked some jokes. I gave them Handkerchief made by Utthan-Umang, a birthday card and quote cards. They liked the positive thinking stories, quote cards, birthday card and handkerchief. They thanked me with smiles.

I am grateful to Sri Sathya Sai Baba for giving me these opportunities of kindness and guiding and helping me in this regard

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mindyjourney wrote: Each kindness is such a gift, dear Rajnibhai! Thank you 🕊️
Lovebeingkind wrote: Wonderful acts of kindness!
Mish wrote: You spread smiled across the miles 😊
cheeka wrote: You shared so much positivity kindness with a tinge of humor and laughter. welll done!

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