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Flowers gift

--by brindlegirl, posted Nov 19, 2023
My man was pruning back a bush in our garden today which is a kindness in itself as he always does this. But then he cut off these flowers and walked over and gave them to me 🥰

Bless his heart 💜

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unknown wrote: Beautiful 🙂
Mish wrote: Sweet fellow….he’s a keeper 💜
Rajni wrote: May your love towards each other grow day by day.
Helenconnell2 wrote: Lovely!
Heartofflesh wrote: Kind of him ....there are many way to express one's love.....
dotmatrix wrote:
gardengal10 wrote: Awwww
kmbhai wrote: Beautiful..
cabbage wrote: SO sweet!!! they are beautiful :-)
petroskryf wrote: Sweet indeed

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