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Lessons From Childhood - Bee Friendly

--by Cyctw, posted Nov 21, 2023
As I was relaxing in a swimming pool I spotted what I believed to be a honeybee, albeit lifeless. I remember as child hearing that flies didn't drown, they just looked dead because they were weighted down with water. I figured the same was true for bees. I gently picked her up and place her on the pool deck, where she could bask in the sun, then I went off to swim. I returned about a half hour later. No movement. I gave her a little nudge and then noticed what looked like a tiny voluntary movement on her own. I sat by her for another 15 minutes, or so. Slowly she began to crawl and then move her wings ever so slightly. But still, she would only crawl. I wondered if she forgot how to fly. She began crawling towards the edge of the pool and I didn't want her to end up back where I found her. So I gently tried to turn her around and all of the sudden she took flight🫶🏽. Off to pollinate more flowers😊.
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SdM wrote: Not many would take the time or effort to help a 'stinging' bee but they are a source of honey - both you and the bee add sweetness and nutrition to the world!
mindyjourney wrote: Been noticing more and more bees, thank goodness! They do love those prolific wildflowers this year 🐝. Thank you for your extra support of that wee bee :).
petroskryf wrote: Thank you for kindness to a bee
DANCE wrote: Bless u
janfour wrote: there's more honey in the world beeeeecause you cared
Helenconnell2 wrote: What a wonderful thing to do!
scully wrote: That is awesome of you, to take the time here
Rajni wrote: You had once in a lifetime experience. It is very inspiring. Probably, your positivity and quick actions saved one bee's life. May God continue to bless us all including all other creatures including bees too.
unknown wrote: Thanks for saving the bees ❤️🐝
SissyLee wrote: Thank you for helping this bee. That is a beautiful story.

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