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Absent,,,but Kindness Is Still All Around

--by cyctw, posted Mar 16, 2024
I wish I had a good reason for my extended absence here. I continued to read and be inspired, but for some reason I couldn't bring myself to post. And it wasn't from a lack of kindness. I'm grateful to the student who shared a baked treat...and the recipe...with me. And the student who went out of his way to hold the door open for me. And to the colleague who gifted me a jar of oregano from her family's garden in Greece! And to my father who I didn't know nearly as well as I would've liked...and would've been 99 today<3.
My own acts remain small, but I try to put my heart into them. Every morning I make coffee for my wife. And often I am the one to make dinner. This morning I let her sleep in while I brought in the recycling, a job that normally she does. Perhaps the highlight of my day was meeting the lady selling hats (that her mom knitted) in the Target parking lot. I bought two, thinking that I'd share them with some of our friends living without shelter. After I paid I asked her for a holiday hug...she was all for that<3. I wonder what the world would be like if we all just hugged a stranger every day:).
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heartofflesh wrote: Being wanted feeds the ego, while being valued nourishes your soul
Lovebeingkind wrote: Beautiful acts of kindness!
SissyLee wrote: Some of the things I now do routinely, due to this site, get redundant to post, but they happen and I am constantly inspired to know what people around the world are sharing in this special community. Thank you for sharing.
lt33 wrote: What wonderful things you are doing for your wife I bet she really appreciates what you do for her especially being able to sleep in to give her a self care day helps the soul and I bet you really made that lady's holiday with a kind hug we all our going through our own challenges over the holiday makes it even more stressful so your acts of kindness don't go unnoticed 😀
pluto178 wrote: Personally I am not for hugging a stranger…… too is only a step away……..but as for all the other things they may seem ordinary to you but they are the things that make you a loving husband and your wife is so lucky to have a husband like you. My husband is very similar so maybe I should big him up more often but we tend to see things as everyday kindnesses but they are kindness all the same and you can be proud of the person you are. I too wish I had known my Father better but there are reasons for everything and who knows did it make us kinder because we tried that little bit harder. I don’t often post things I am a comment maker just do what feels good for you. Telling others my kindnesses makes me a bit reluctant too but I love reading about others. KS is for coming and going and being welcomed back on your return. So welcome back x
Mish wrote: Thank you for all you do in loving, kind-full ways , cyctw. Always good to see you here. ❤️
Helenconnell2 wrote: Thank you for all your loving kindness!
dotmatrix wrote: I bet you made her day. All kindness brings light into the world, and that is so needed right now. Blessings. ♥
mindyjourney wrote: Good to hear from you, my friend. Life gets like that - kindness is just WHO we are! It is as a part of us as breathing and has become sort of our beautifully wonderful every day 😊 🕊️.

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