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Blankets And Warm Clothes For The Homeless

--by greenurlifenow, posted Mar 30, 2024
Years ago, a local man (vancouver BC (canada) named Gregory Ould encountered a homeless man, and approached asked him if there was something he could do to help him.

Greg was expecting the man may want something like cigarettes, but the man in need said he could use a blanket to make it through the night on the cold streets.

Greg went and got a blanket for him, and since then, Greg and his young son started an organization called Blanket BC, which collects blankets and warm clothes to be distributed to shelters that help the homeless.

An annual Drive on the Line event was held this past Friday and Saturday, with “Blanketeers” collecting the donations at select Canada Line stations (our local version of a subway) .

I have been a Blanketeer in years past, and dropped off 2 warm jackets on Friday.

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Mish wrote: So needed. Bless you for being part of this kindness ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’—
gardengal10 wrote: Items that are so needed at this time of year. Thank you for participating.
Helenconnell2 wrote: Thank you so much for contributing to this.
unknown wrote: An excellent cause. Enjoyed watching Greg's video.Thanks for supporting.๐Ÿงก
dotmatrix wrote: Thank you. โ™ฅ
petroskryf wrote: Thank you for sharing.
SissyLee wrote: Practical help. The best kind.
Kmbhai wrote: Very nice...
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for joining in this project! I have been a Project Linus Blanketeer in the past - handmade blankets for children in hospitals and special projects.
pluto178 wrote: This is beauty in action x

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