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Sweet Happenings In The Morning

--by Mish, posted Mar 30, 2024
🏡 Things that felt good today on our block….

💫 I heard the sanitation truck outside our door this morning (Monday is one of our two collection days)…..I went out & saw the fellow a few doors down & called out to him with a thank you & happy holidays…he looked up, smiled, waved and wished me the same. He always handles the trash cans with care & takes the time to go the extra steps to return the cans off the walking path. Some guys toss the cans down haphazardly on the path where people walk…this guy never does that. He’s on our Christmas gratuity list 👌🏻

💫 I was out on our front porch when the mailman was making his rounds on our block…I could hear his laughter as he was getting closer to our house(he was on his cell phone)..his laughter was infectious & was nice to hear. When he handed me our mail I told him I love to hear people laugh & told him to keep laughing…we shared a big smile. I asked him if I could give him a peace dove & told him about Mindy’s mission. He was happy to receive. 🕊

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pluto178 wrote: What a great way to think of it how wonderful it is to exist at the same time as people who are so good in your life. They are very well behaved too only sharing one piece of cake between them lol x
greenurlifenow wrote: Such joyous moments. Thanks for sharing, Mish. 🙂
mindyjourney wrote: Shared similar laugh appreciation w/a grocery clerk not long ago :))). Thanks for sharing Peace Doves so mindfully too. 🕊️
DANCE wrote: Such sweet connections

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