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The Cycle Of Life

--by Mish, posted Mar 30, 2024
🌊 Cycles of Life….

“Neither birth nor deah, is the beginning or end; it’s the cycle of life.” ~ ― Vikrmn: CA Vikram Verma, Krishna Crux

After a close friend’s brother unexpectedly passed away recently, & seeing what our friend & her husband went through running around making burial arrangements, while in such state of emotional upheaval, it led us to pre-plan our own cremations.

Yesterday we finalized our cremation plans at our local family owned & operated funeral parlor…it was easy peasey & the owner’s daughter was lovely, knowledgeable & we had a good rapport & shared some laughs too….who knew planning your own cremation could be fun!! Shared a few peace doves with the staffers we met & they loved them 🕊

We went from there straight to our favorite nearby restaurant to celebrate…leaving thoughts of death behind & bringing the baby blankets I crocheted for the owner’s son & dil upcoming birth of twins with us to gift. From thoughts of death to birth…we left the former (death) behind & toasted the latter (birth) with martinis 🍸

Pre-planning was actually fun & a feeling of relief as well. 🙏

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mindyjourney wrote: Beautiful reflection and share 💕 🕊️
pluto178 wrote: Absolutely pre plan your own funeral or at least write down what you want to happen times of grief are not the best times to be debating what someone might have wanted and often lead to arguments in families at a time they should be pulling together. Time for fighting can come later when the will is read lol. Birth and Death………the inbetween is life………often think that gap between things is where the best of everything goes on. X

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