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--by Mish, posted Mar 30, 2024
🧥 Yesterday I went through our front hall closet & pulled out several items (2 coats, a jacket & more) that either are too snug now or I haven’t worn in ages.
We will donate to one of the places here they are housing migrants in.  All in very good & some never used condition.

This Winter a good time to find more to give away 👌🏻

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mindyjourney wrote: ‘Tis that time of year! ❄️
Helenconnell2 wrote: Excellent - we did something similar when we were moving house last year.
Rajni wrote: Your kindness is warm enough to fight cold weather.
pluto178 wrote: How strange I said this only this morning thats Retrograde Mercury in Capricorn for you lol………I do love to give away things I no longer want or use it frees up space in your home for the things you love too x
drjoybug wrote: Good job
kmbhai wrote: Very nice..
gardengal10 wrote: At this time of year, your contribution is much needed and will be so helpful. Terrific!
mindyjourney wrote: So true! Why hold onto all that stuff when others are in need? :)
DotMatrix wrote: Thanks, Mish.
michelelpurce wrote: You are warming hearts and their bodies!!! 😀

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