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🧶❤️🧶 Crocheting

--by Mish, posted May 22, 2024
❤️🧶. Finished crocheting the baby blanket for my Dentist’s daughter who is expecting her first baby & will give it to her next week at my appointment to give to her daughter.

❤️🧶 I also have two “hugs” (prayer shawls) I crocheted to gift to some family members who are coming to visit us today. Haven’t seen them in a few years & am excited to be with them later today.

Love & Light in every stitch 🥰

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Helenconnell2 wrote: So lovely - I love the hug you made me two years ago!
pluto178 wrote: Sewing the fabric of wool into the fabric of life which is love. X
gardengal10 wrote: I can only imagine that your family members will be delighted to receive your handiwork!
Kmbhai wrote: Beautiful..
cabbage wrote: I am so excited to know that you also give people hugs in the form of crochet--I have been doing a lot of this lately!! :-)
greenurlifenow wrote: Such a lovely gesture. 🙂

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