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Helping In Difficult Situation

--by lewski711, posted May 31, 2024
Day 30:
I was going to donate to a GoFundMe that was close to my heart, but I had an unexpected opportunity to donate to one even closer, as a family at my school had a sudden very difficult situation arise, and a donation would be in order. Helping someone from your immediate community is crucial when you can.


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pluto178 wrote: COMMNTY is nothing without U and I x
Mish wrote: Well done, Lewski 👍
gardengal10 wrote: Very good
petroskryf wrote: So kind of you 🦋
Rajni wrote: Man proposes but, God disposes. You followed your intuition. That is the best thing to did. Our intuition is the nearest to us rhan anything in this world.. You did a wonderful job.
kmbhai wrote: Good..
Helenconnell2 wrote: I agree it's important to support our local communities.

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