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Cute Little Kind Acts 🙂

--by TheSoul, posted Jun 9, 2024
Neighbour ordered 3 glasses of Sugar Cane juice. One for himself, one for me and one for his father. He don't have the change for 500 INR. So, he asked me change for 500 INR. Instead of giving change, I paid the bill. He said that he will give me money. I said no.

Neighborhood shop donated buttermilk packets to everyone as climate is hot.

Donated rice to people in need.

I am hungry. Father is taking rest. I holded my hunger for 5 minutes. Father came and I went for eating.

I helped neighbour in lifting cylinder into my shop.

Neighbour gave me coffee.

Neighbour brought me buttermilk packet from donation point.

I prayed for well being of all the Souls.

Person smiled. I smiled🙂

I sent uplifting messages to the Soul Sister here🙏
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Mish wrote: Full of Kind ❤️
pluto178 wrote: I too will pray for the well being of all souls x
DANCE wrote: Lots of kindness
unknown wrote: Wonderful acts of kindness. And thanks for your messages. ♡♡
Rajni wrote: Your kind acts are greatly appreciated.
cheeka wrote: Lovely

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