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Sunday Care Package

--by cabbage, posted Jun 9, 2024
Made a care package for a neighbor and her partner who both have COVID--filled with healthy things to help them get back to health.

Wrote and mailed a lot of "get out the vote" postcards to encourage people to vote in the primary election

Crocheting a baby blanket for someone who is going to have a little one in a few months

Took a homeless individual grocery shopping

Shared inspiring music with several people

Sent encouraging messages

Expressed gratitude to a friend

Gave thanks for the rains!

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Mish wrote: So full of kind caring 🙏❤️
Rajni wrote: Your kind acts are amazing and inspiring as well.
cheeka wrote: Thank you for the excellent acts of kindness
mindyjourney wrote: Every moment is a kindness opportunity! Thank you :)
lt33 wrote: Such amazing kind acts I bet you helped so many too you got to witness an act of kindness too when taking the homeless person grocery shopping you made their day 😀
DANCE wrote: Thank you !
pluto178 wrote: You are a wonderful neighbour x

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