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--by mindyjourney, posted Jun 16, 2024

Sometimes you cross paths with a special soul - like Billy, and you realize anew how each of us is so beautifully unique.

After enjoying the warm, healing, spring fed, mineral water of The Plunge, MisterM and I decided to take a relax in the sauna before heading home. That’s where we met Billy.

Finding a spot to sit on the tiered wooden benches, a slightly garbled voice welcomed us with, “When I was 5, I was living on Pine Ridge (reservation) and was hit by a drunk driver. I died 8 times.”

Well, talk about an ice-breaker!

I could barely see him in the darkened space, but discerned a stocky 40 something years of age presence with an askew right arm, swollen hand, and an off kilter set to his body and right leg.

Billy continued, “I didn’t want to come back, but Wakan Tanka (Lakota for God) said I had to, because I had things to do.”

Interested in NDE’s (Near Death Experiences), I encouraged Billy to share more about his experience, but all he added was that he saw angels as well as the Great Spirit.

He was much more interested in telling us about how he uses his healing energy to help others with massage, how he graduated with honors and how the entire graduating class gave him a standing ovation.

“Do you see people’s auras,” I asked, “can you tell if they need healing?”

He nodded a yes.

Noticing how MisterM was self massaging his hands, Billy stood up and asked if he could help, as he reached over to manipulate MisterM’s right hand and fingers.

We could hear a slight cracking of bones, as his arthritis eased a bit. He did the same for MisterM’s left hand.

Then Billy massaged my hands, with some softer cracking sounds, “Such small bones,” he said.

“My hands are pretty busy, making origami Peace Doves. May I give you some?” I offered. “I’ll leave them at the front desk for you.”

He joked, “Like commodity cheese?” But said he’d like some Doves.

A woman entered the sauna, and seeing Billy, said hello to him and nodded a greeting to us.

Settling back into his seat, Billy relaxed and told us how he got to sing with Kid Rock at the Buffalo Chip (outdoor venue outside of Sturgis) at the motorcycle rally.

With a little encouragement, Billy agreed to sing for us - right then and there - “Only God Knows Why.”

Closing my eyes, feeling the deeper healing in my hands and spirit, I gave thanks for the beautifully kind soul of Billy.

For his courage.
For his generous uninhibited sharing.
For bringing us together,
At that moment in time.
For reaching across all time,
To be a bridge of Wakan Tanka’s divine love.

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gardengal wrote: I met this person, it was a while back near a plunging spring. Thanks for sparking the memory-great share
cabbage wrote: I got goosebumps reading this--what a beautiful encounter...thanks so much for sharing about him.
Rajni wrote: Sister Mindy, you, MisterM and Billy played part in Universal drama,very well.
DrJoe wrote: Got chills reading this, what an amazing interaction! Indeed we are destined to cross paths with others and intertwine our stories and experiences with each other :)
Mish wrote: I would ask him to be my massage therapist!! Simply WOW 🙌
gardengal10 wrote: What an amazing meeting
lt33 wrote: Cool encounter I bet you + Mr Mindy felt better after Billy massaged your hands huh? 😁
Helenconnell2 wrote: Beautiful encounter!
dotmatrix wrote: Beautiful encounter, Mindy. Thanks so much for sharing this. ♥
DANCE wrote: How fascinating, love this kind of encounters, what beautiful people we meet sometimes unexpectedly

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