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Sharing Kindness Through Information!

--by Kmbhai , posted Jun 16, 2024
I love helping people with valuable information. Today, I shared knowledge with an old and a an young man. Both were having some issues related to their family problems. I counseled and provided them with necessary information.

They were looking happy and satisfied with solutions.

Thanks to both of them.
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Readers Comments

cabbage wrote: That is a HUGE gift you have given them!
Rajni wrote: Saving relationship is good for the families and society and nation as well. You did a wonderful job.
pluto178 wrote: Perfect x
cheeka wrote: What you did was an amazing act of kindness. Saving relationships showed your true love and selfless. Thank you
drjoybug wrote: Good job!
Mish wrote: That kind of help is a true God-send. Bless you, kmbhai 🙏

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