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Wreath For Life’s Uncertainty

--by heartofflesh, posted Jun 16, 2024
I learnt recently my friends's cousin lost her husband to sudden heart attack. She lives closer to my house in Chennai. My friend lives in London and so I placed a wreath on the body of the deceased on his behalf.

My friend was thankful.Sometimes you have to be there when people go through terrible times.
It waa a terible tragedy as the couple were planning to visit their daughter in USA at the end of the month.

Life goes on inspite of all the uncertainties !
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Readers Comments

michelelpurce wrote: it is great that you helped since you were in the area. :) we can assist in so many different ways. :)
pluto178 wrote: Life and death go hand in hand but it is always sad to lose a loved one x
greenurlifenow wrote: That is a lovely act of kindness.
Mish wrote: So nice to do for your friend 🙏
DANCE wrote: You are most kind to do this
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for being an emissary of compassion. 🙏

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