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Sharing Produce With Neighbors

--by Mish, posted Jun 16, 2024
🌶 Had an excess of red bell peppers so gave them to neighbor along with some excess bananas 🍌

We live on a very sharing block….we all share with one another….what a blessing to live here. Very grateful 🙏

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michelelpurce wrote: it sounds like a wonderful neighborhood! and you are the leader. :) thanks
gardengal wrote: Those bell peppers are making the bell y hungry.
Rajni wrote: Hope all people understand like you that "God blesses us with ample producem things or money to share with others. After shating thank God for keeping us in the elite group of givers.
gardengal10 wrote: So nice!
pluto178 wrote: Give and take were you live its wonderful x
Kmbhai wrote: Beautiful..

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