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Plants sale

--by patjos, posted Jun 16, 2024
I had quite a number of veg plants left over after having planted the ones that I needed in my allotment garden and as I couldn't bear to just throw the remainder onto the compost heap, I decided to hold a plant sale by the side of the road. I'd 30 small Tomato plants for a start and added to this Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts and Purple Broccoli.
After a few hours, I'd recouped the cost of the compost (peat-free) and I could tell that passers-by were enjoying the bargains, so I went in search of more plants from those that I'd still to plant out. In came the French Beans, Mangetout, Peas and I was able to add some Strawberry runners to the mix. Honestly, I could have sold twice as much - maybe next year!
The highlight was on the first day when I was in the kitchen writing up the price list and noticed a car reversing along the road and back into our drive. I went out to find a young lady on her way to work and of course we got chatting. She'd told me that she worked at a centre for autistic children and that although they had a garden of sorts, it was filled with pots of weeds and that she intended on brightening it up.
She bought a dozen of so plants, Strawberries and Tomatoes. I mentioned other plants which would work well for her including Sweet Peas and told her how picking the flowers each day would help bring forth even more and how they had sucha sweet scent. Then there came that little nudge to me heart which said, don't you have some trays of marigolds which you were saving for your own garden? :) I didn't need to be nudged twice over. So I said, wait a minute, marigolds would do just as well and brought her out a tray. Oh, you wont miss them Patrick, I told myself.
Wishing her well, I'm pretty sure we both found a bargain that day!

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michelelpurce wrote: sharing is for sure caring. thanks for this. :)
Mish wrote: Excellent 👌🏻
Helenconnell2 wrote: So lovely x
pluto178 wrote: I was thinking the other day that you could take cuttings and every so often have a free table at the village fair and sell at very low prices and donate the money to something needed in the village. We all have cuttings a plenty but there comes a point when all your friends and familys gardens look like yours….you could even get something you don’t have yourself and in the future plant them up……… waste please there is always someone somewhere who will use it. Well done it does not surprise me that it is you doing this wonderful act for nature. X
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for your KIND plant sharing, dear patrick! ‘Tis the season for green growing things 🌱 🕊️.
Rajni wrote: You are growing kindness along with the plants. Job well done. Thanks.
DANCE wrote: You are a beautiful kind soul, how lovely to read this

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