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--by brad2, posted Jun 16, 2024
After years of doing Random Acts of Kindness for many in my community, I received this Quilt from the Women of QUILTS FOR SURVIVORS of The Residential School system yesterday. A hand made Quilt lovingly made by these Women. The Four Bear claws in each square represents my area of Maskwacis (Bearhills) and that Four is a sacred number in my heritage of The Four stages of Life, Four Winds, Four Seasons in a year and Four Steps I need to heal. I love this Quilt and fully appreciate what these Women have made for me and now will continue to my Random Acts of Kindness with a clear heart, mind and Peace.

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michelelpurce wrote: Beautiful quilt made by beautiful people for a beautiful deserving person! :)
Hey wrote: Don't ever stop the hustle of making such beautiful quilts. Every thread is made with cotton, a natural fiber that binds fabric together. Yep, pretty cool work.
Mish wrote: You so deserve, Brad. Simply beautiful ❤️🙏
gardengal10 wrote: So beautiful, Brad. You are very deserving.
pluto178 wrote: What a unique and stunningly beautiful gift one I believe you deserve but set that aside and just look at the beauty and the love that this represents. Well done x
mindyjourney wrote: Oh, dear brad, how beautiful their appreciation 🙏 🕊️. Thank you for all you do and for sharing with us.
dotmatrix wrote: How wonderful. ♥
Rajni wrote: The beautiful quilt made beauty travel from their heart to youre that you dearly deserved. Thanks for sharing.
DANCE wrote: How wonderful, you deserve all this love and appreciation
ali.gray56 wrote: So beautiful ❤️

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