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Fun Day With Children

--by Kmbhai , posted Jun 18, 2024
It was great occasion to share some fun moments with children. During the holidays, children like to have fun and enjoy their time. So we decided to organise fun hours for children. Singing, dancing, sharing jokes and stories, acting and card games were created and it was big fun for all. Children were enjoying samosa, sweets and chocolates.

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michelelpurce wrote: who said that we have to wait for holidays to enjoy fun things.?! thanks for sharing and making those wonderful memories!
mindyjourney wrote: Thank you for encouraging children with fun and enjoyment! 😊
pluto178 wrote: I do miss arranging games kids are such fun x
drjoybug wrote: Sounds like fun.
cheeka wrote: That's great fun
Rajni wrote: Beating summer heat in the vacation with treat to children is greatly appreciated. You did a wonderful job. May children read more books and magazines during their vacations.
Mish wrote: What a blessing for the children ❤️🙏
DANCE wrote: Thank you for doing this for them

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