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Helping with research of products

--by Mish, posted Jun 17, 2024
💫 My neighbor-friend of over 40 years came to me for some help in finding a replacement for a product she was using that wasn’t helping her. I told her I’d go online & do some research & get back to her. I spent a good amount of time online, learned a lot & was able to send her applicable replacement products & information pertinent to her need.

😊 I really enjoyed doing the research, learned a lot & it made me happy that she came to me for help & I was able to find useful info for her need.

❤️ In helping others we are also helping ourselves, on many levels.

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lucky2 wrote: Yes, it is best to be good. Pluto, we are lucky when given the chance to help.
michelelpurce wrote: so so true! it surely does bless the one helping along with the one receiving the help. :)
Rajni wrote: When there is a willl there is a way. Perfume sticks to the person who gives roses. Mish, your help is greatly appreciated.
pluto178 wrote: You are such an organised person too so well done for helping and yes it does feel good to be good x

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