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Kindness At The Children's Book Fair

--by Rajni, posted Jun 19, 2024
Kindness at the Children's Book Fair

I love to read books. I recommend the book that I liked to others. Sometimes, I also buy those books and give them to schools or else.

Today, I visited Children's Book Fair. I gave many quote cards, Sri Ram photos, bookmarks, some Mindy's Origami Peace Dove attached to quote cards.

I told intense positive thinking story to one of the vendors. I gave them booklet on positive thinking and Umang embroidered handkerchief. They were very happy to receive them. They thanked me with smiles.

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michelelpurce wrote: wonderful people need the positive thoughts and vibes and also to pass them on. :)
Kmbhai wrote: You are awesome..
cheeka wrote: Lovely. Thanks
Mish wrote: Thank you for always spreading kindness wherever your day takes you, Rajni ❤️
DANCE wrote: Thank you!
pluto178 wrote: Very generous of you x

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