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Another Donation To Ukraine :)

--by DrJoe, posted Jun 23, 2024
Donated to Ukraine. They have launched another fundraiser to commemorate their (nearly) 124 million donations to their United24 platform.

Some of the many accomplishments completed, thanks to generous donors from all over the world, include 4 rebuilt schools equipped with bomb shelters, 18 apartment buildings currently under re-construction in the Kyiv region, 18 rebuilt bridges, and many, many more active projects.

More information on this current project can be found here:

"Give for the sake of giving -- love for the sake of loving".

Слава Україні :)
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gardengal10 wrote: When it is figured out, bravery slows down, reality sets in and feelings get put to work. Its a beautiful world.
michelelpurce wrote: thanks for all you do and sharing ways to others on how they can help. :)
Mish wrote: Thank you for your continued ongoing support of the Ukraine 🇺🇦 May peace prevail 🕊
pluto178 wrote: 👍
patjos wrote: Thank you for highlighting this wonderful project.
Kmbhai wrote: Very nice..
Rajni wrote: Your continued support will help rebuild a part of the world that needed the help most. Thanks

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