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End Of Semester!

--by cabbage, posted Jun 23, 2024
Yesterday started off with donating hygiene kits to a local organization that helps the homeless get back on their feet....they wouldn't take the mini snacks that I had also packed, so was able to give those to a young mother outside on the street--waved and smiled and "thumbs up" with her afterwards and could tell she appreciated the snacks. Gave a review session for final exams which was very productive and then came out to find two students waiting to ask me if I could write them letters of recommendation (of course, yes!). Later, treated fellow colleagues to ice cream (yum!) to celebrate almost end of the term. Gave fresh blueberries to a neighbor and distributed special treats to various friends and neighbors.

Today started with sharing an awe-inducing article with a bunch of folks, gave away half sandwich and cookie to a homeless man, dropped off clothes donation to Goodwill, sent flowers for someone special's birthday, and took my research student out to lunch to celebrate her graduation!
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michelelpurce wrote: what a wonderful memory making day. you touched so many lives and ours as well for sharing it. :)
VeryGood wrote: Very Good 🙂
cheeka wrote: Lots of kindness acts. Thank you
pluto178 wrote: One heck of a productive day well done x
Mish wrote: Full of kind caring, dear one. Bless 🙏❤️
gardengal10 wrote: Wow! great kindnesses!
DrJoe wrote: Amazing, well done :)
Rajni wrote: Your both kindness days are like answering all the questions on the question papers. You did a wonderful job. You got A+.
kmbhai wrote: Well done..
DANCE wrote: Very kind!

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