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Generosity By Students

--by cyctw, posted Jul 6, 2024
So today I was the recipient of my student's generosity. He texted me today and asked if i was available to go up flying with him tonight. I jumped on the chance! We flew out of Palo Alto and up to San Francisco. It was a beautiful evening, as you can see. We had incredible views of the GG Bridge and the Bay Bridge, as well as Alcatraz! And earlier this week one of my students gifted me a piece of art that she had done. I was moved to tears...especially when she told me that it was her favorite piece! I remember doing a challenge where the act was to give away my favorite book. That was pretty easy for me, as books are replaceable. This was an original piece. I won't be parting with it<3.

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michelelpurce wrote: it sounds like you are well loved. :) and they do appreciate you. spreading those kind acts and love around. :)
VeryGood wrote: Very Good 🙂
pluto178 wrote: Sounds like fun fun fun x
Mish wrote: They are responding to your beautiful essence, cyctw. Bless 🙏❤️
Helenconnell2 wrote: That's beautiful and thanks for sharing.
gardengal10 wrote: Oh, wow! Fabulous experience for you.
Rajni wrote: Good teacher fulfil students' wishes. They are returning the love you gave them.
DANCE wrote: wow

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