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On My Birthday

--by Helenconnell2, posted Jul 6, 2024
Yesterday was my birthday. I was 68 and I loaned £68 to three entrepreneurs through LendWithCare as part of my birthday.

On the day, we went to Durham and went round the Cathedral as we haven't been round it for a number of months. Back in 2013 we visited Durham for the day and they were creating a model of the cathedral in Lego bricks. As we were heading towards the cafe and shop I noticed a sign which invited visitors to come upstairs and see the Lego model. I told my husband I wanted to do that after we'd had a drink.

We went upstairs and were amazed by the model which contains 299, 876 bricks. One of the volunteers told us the history of it being moved after we explained we had been two of the people who placed a brick. The photod don't do it justice.

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Benny wrote: Birthdays, the building of our lives. Love this and you helen!
DANCE wrote: Happy birthday dear friend, hug
michelelpurce wrote: looks as if you certainly had a great birthday! what an awesome sight! and thanks for taking us on your birthday. :)
sissylee wrote: Happy Belated Bikrthday!
Mish wrote: Happy belated Birthday, Helen 🎈 Wonderful way to celebrate !
dotmatrix wrote: Happy birthday, dear Helen. ♥
cheeka wrote: Belated Happy Birthday, Helen!
gardengal10 wrote: The replica is amazing! can never celebrate a birthday too long....Happy B'Day.
pluto178 wrote: Happy Birthday but wow wow wow its wonderful x
Rajni wrote: Many Happy Returns Of The day.

You celebrated your birthday with your heart in it.

May others get inspired to follow suit.

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