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How I Like To Use My Smile Cards...

--by Jacinda, posted Jul 24, 2010

Thank you so much!!

I had sent a request for 30 smile cards for all my Christmas acts.  In the request I said that if it's not possible for them to send me these cards I totally understand because after all I do live a long way down in New Zealand.  I didn't hear anything more and just happily accepted that I won't be receiving any smile cards.

Last night I arrived home to find a package with about 278 smile cards inside!! This arrived a few weeks after I placed the request...I couldn't believe it!! That was something I sooo wasn't expecting! I was so overwhelmed, thinking is this a mistake?

Here is what I use my smile cards for....

- Whenever I send out cards or presents in New Zealand or around the world I always include a smile card inside. I have sent out quite a few cards out to quite a number of you people and am pleased to hear they are arriving okay :)

- "The Short Sistars" (my sisters and I) have been doing huge amounts of Christmas singing spreading the Christmas Cheer around to my City and neighbouring Cities. We have been doing a lot of entertaining to the Cruise Ship Passengers and in between times we chat & direct/help the tourists and give them a smile card.

- Also my sisters and I are singing at the Millenium Hotel in Rotorua spreading some Christmas cheer so we will be able to give some smile cards out there too! Very exciting!!!

- Whenever I read a "good news" story in the newspaper I send out a little gift package with a crafty "Smiling is Contagious" poem and smile card inside.

- I'm going to leave a little smile card Christmas gift for the postman who delivers our daily mail.

- For Christmas I'm busing all the way down to Palmerston North (7 hrs by bus away) to see my Grandparents for Christmas who have heart conditions and Parkinsons and are getting quite fraile with not the best health conditions.  I am spending a few days down with them. So on my trip down I will be trying my best to spread the cheer, help out, and give out some smile cards.

- I always like to keep some smile cards and chocolates on me whenever I go to town.  Whenever I see a sad or lonely person, I go over and give them a smile card and chocolates to cheer them up.

- When I return movie & book rentals I always try to add a smile card inside :)

- A fun way is when you are shopping for shoes, clothes etc...secretly leaving a smile card in a pocket of a shirt or inside a shoe at random through the shop, so those stressed Christmas shoppers will get a smile to cheer them up.

Does anyone have any other ideas for me to spread the cheer with all these smile cards? Please share your ideas?

Is there anyone in New Zealand who would like any smile cards...I would be really happy to send you some - so that you too can spread the cheer! Just send me a line with your address :)

I hope you all have a happy smiling week!

Many, many thanks again for the smile cards!!

It is so appreciated!

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Readers Comments

HelenM wrote: Thank you for the ideas!
luv4all wrote: Hey jacinda,
So nice 2 read about your several kindness acts and ideas.

Hope your parents are doing fine.

God gives some pain to those who would learn from it and become more good to the world :)
Dani wrote: Amazing act. You put a smile on my face today :)
Keep going and keep smiling!

Regards from bulgaria!
Jagdish wrote: I just want to congratulate you for the compassion you have for lonely persons, persons looking sad or in gloomy mood. You try to make them smile through you interaction and giving them a smile card.

Nature’s law states that “if you want happiness makes other happy “.

I am sure by making others happy your life will become more and happier as the times passes. May god give you strength to continue this noble act so that sadness is minimized?

Grace Bower wrote: How great to find someone else in nz with the smile cards - yes i would love to help share them see my phone number under hibiscus coast or email me your phone number and i'll call you.
ladygaga wrote: You are so lucky
Jpmail wrote: Hi Jacinda (what a lovely name you have)....
I just want to send you my congratulations for the way you are.. I'm recently new in this blog, and I have red these great stories.. Good for you, and keep on spreading your smile with everyone... hug and kisses
iferlamb wrote: That is so awesome!! have fun spreading the smiles!!!!!!!
I enjoyed MINE!!!!!!
Thank you
Aurelia wrote: If you thought you were hooked on SMILES before, now you're going to be really proving it!!! I love all of your wonderful ideas for spreading smiles.

Have Fun! ~Love, Aurelia
JuneBug wrote: If anybody deserved that many Smile Cards, it's YOU, Jacinda !!!! They knew you would put them to good and fast use !!!! :)

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