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The World is Full of Good People

--by rna1953, posted Jul 19, 2010

A while back I was on a visit to Indore, a busy commercial city in  India. One eevning, while taking a walk, I noticed a young boy of maybe 13/14 yrs old.  He could barely walk on account of his bowed-type legs, he certainly wasn't able to walk quickly. I could see that he was desperately waiting to cross the road.  This particular road was a highway and it was very busy.  

I approached him on my way and asked him whether he needed any help. He was grateful and asked me if I could help him cross the road.  It was not a regular crossing point and didn't have a pedestrian signal. 

I myself hadn't intended to cross the road but I wanted to help the boy.  I held his and and took him across, signalling at the traffic to help us cross the road.  It was 9 pm and it was dark and dangerous to cross even for the able bodied and I could not imagine how that boy would have been able to cross without the help of somebody.

When we reached the other side, the boy thanked me and went on his way, singing . As I watched him, I realised this boy must have to rely on other people to help him as party of his daily life.  It occured to me that the world is full of good people who would quiety help a boy like this and probably not even mention it to anyone.

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ERIC wrote: I need big help from others i want go to canada but i don't have sponsorship looking for sponsorship
varuna wrote: Hey,thaz a ton for sharing this incident with us. Well lemme tell u m from indore n i think itz gr8 pleasure to read ths story here. Thax dear. God bless u.
warmth wrote: u r right, many peoples' goodness goes unnotices, Of course God knows abt it and rewards people accordingly, your this story is a tribute to all those to are modest about their kindness. Thank u for helping the little boy and sharing your story. :) God Bless u
Aurelia wrote: Thank You for Sharing your story. People reading this will remember and be inspired to make a difference in lives of others, no matter how small it may seem at the time, it really does matter to the one who recieving it. :)
Gog Bless .... :0) Smiles are Contagious
heartofflesh wrote: It's the little things that matter ; to you it may be a little act of kindness and for that boy it may something to be cherished...Just follow the direction of your heart..Just do it...You've done well.
Bluebell wrote: Thank you for sharing your story. Though it is important to inspire others with our stories it is also important to lead by example. I wouldn't call it a "daily routine job" but I would rather call it the natural kindness, so natural that they do it daily. One day the world will be like that kindness will be as natural as breathing. Love and Light and a Million Smiles, Bluebell

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