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Comment Collection, Part 1

--by Hearts Everywhere, posted Jan 14, 2006

My Husband's Coffee

What inspired you to join the smile revolution?

My husband got a card when someone bought him a cup of coffee, then he gave the card to my daughter after he filled her car with gas. I love this idea I want to give out more.
--DM, in New York

Ninety-Six Thousand

What are you going to do with your cards?

I have found a list of funds and researched to whom they belong. Some moneys are up to 30 years old. I am almost ready to send out award info for $ 96,000. (so far). I was planning to include your card with their information. Thanks for the cards :)
--LH, in Wyoming

Sorority Sisters

How were you tagged by the smile card?

I received it in a card from one of my sorority sisters who left it anonymous. I was already having a really crapy day and I just so happened to look on our board and noticed there was a card for me and in side was this little smile card and that made my day so much better. What you guys are doing is wonderful work.
--LC, in Bakersfield, CA

Wedding Cards

What do you plan to do with your cards?

My daughter is getting married in a few weeks & I has invited 200 + guests. I thought it would be a nice gesture to put the "you're it" cards at each place setting, and instead of the little "trinkets" you leave with or eat, make a $ contribution to a charity.
--SP, in Centuria, WI


What made you reorder the cards?

I had ordered a few cards before, and passed them around at school, and I got such a great response, that I just HAD to order more. It was amazing! thanks!

Just Because

What inspired you to join?

I just like helping people and would like to spread some happiness and kindness to other just to make someone smile when they are feeling down

The Person Ahead of You

So, What's Your Story?

My story is: We had been traveling all day and stopped at the toll plaza to pay the toll--the last bridge before home. The tollkeeper smiled at us and said "the person ahead of you has paid the toll and left you this card." That's how we got the card. We smiled all the way home too!

My co-worker is ALWAYS doing good deeds for unknown people. She takes the bus everywhere, so meets a lot of people and seems to find many opportunities for doing nice things for people. When she told me that she bought a cup of coffee for the homeless guy this morning, I said "you have to see this card--you're perfect for it!". I'll bet her cards are gone in no time! She says you are combating the evil in the world with all this good, and she wants to help.

So there you have it! THANK YOU for your incredible "organization". What a great way to be warriors!
--MM, in Fairfax, CA

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