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Goodness Begets More Goodness: How a Muffin Changed Our Day

--by twiceblessed, posted Aug 12, 2010

Four of us walk into a coffee shop -- Jessica, Russell, Michelin and I.  We're all super committed to birthing a gift-economy world view.  Like all activities rooted in generosity, our conversation also takes on an escalating charge as we speak about the nature of things -- "Goodness just begets more goodness.  Lots of people don't trust that, because sometimes it takes time, but sooner or later, goodness does beget more goodness."  

Right then, the waitress comes over and offers us a bran-muffin as a gift.  Completely stunned, we look at her silently begging for an explanation.  With a smile that says everything, she adds, "You know, we're closing and the muffin won't survive the night, so instead of wasting it, I thought I'd give it away."

The waitress disappeared quickly, but we were bubbling with compassion that was very pregnant for expression.   We find the janitor, thank him for his work and as he cracks a big smile, we give him the biggest group hug.

Still we feel like paying it forward more.

On the way to the car, we think of taking our photo.  We stop random people riding a bicycle, with a kind of an authority that only brothers would share amongst them.  They could feel our joy, and gladly stopped to take a photo.  Not only that, they dip into their bag, take out a camera and ask us to take a photo.  In those two minutes, we almost became family.

Right then, Michelin spots a homeless man sleeping on the floor.  He had some leftover food in three small containers, so he goes over to hand it to him.  The homeless man is very happy and then very gently says, "Oh, one is enough."  Gandhi used to that "we have enough for everyone's need but for not enough for everyone's greed".  Here was this homeless man showing us the virtue of contentment.

Goodness begets more goodness.  Our faith is renewed. :)

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Rajni wrote: When kindness and positive thoughts combine we get kindness blossom everywhere. Thanks for sharing very inspiring story.
Rekha4pdtx wrote: very nice, goodness always comes around.
keymaker wrote: test2 :)
pray4peace wrote: You guys rock and you are actually rocking not only US but the World. Thank God you people exist :)
Roohi wrote: Nice story!
Tina wrote: Goodness begets more goodness indeed!
Maryjersey wrote: I love this story! Thanks for sharing it. The phrase, "goodness begets goodness," is one that will stick in my head.
JuneBug wrote: This post sure made me smile !! The godness goes on and on....and on...:)
StarBrite wrote: Goodness begets more and more goodness.
kushal sanganeria wrote: It teach us we always interact with everyone because everyone knows something and we have to grabs that gd thing and always communicate with the people and always polite with others

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