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Warm Blessings on a Cold Day

--by redbutterfly, posted Aug 26, 2010

I went grocery shopping on Saturday.  It was a very rainy, windy and cold day.  When I came out of the store my friend told me to wait under the covered awning and he would run and get the truck. 

While I was standing there waiting, a man came out of the store and came up to me.  He looked inot my eyes and asked if he could give me a blessing.

I try to be nice to everyone without being too naive and I knew my friend would be there in a minute or so, so I said "yes".  

The man took hold of my cold hands in his and let me tell you, he had the warmest hands I can ever remember.  He started his blessing for my family and me all the while staring straight into my eyes.  Even his brown eyes felt warm.  I felt such a sense of serenity come over my body from this peaceful, loving man and his words. 

When he was finished, I had a flash of "he's going to ask me for money, give me a brochure I didn't want or card or something.  He did nothing of the kind.  He smiled warmly at me and said: "have a blessed day."  I stood there staring at him as he walked away, that man touched my heart very deeply that day. 

I have been telling my friends what happened and of course some are cynical but others get goosebumps when they hear me tell what happened. 

I have been having some difficulty in my life lately and a couple of weeks ago I handed it over to God.  Ever since, wonderful things keep happening for me and this website is one of them. 

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god4me wrote: Very inspiring i know god puts others in our path for reasons but some times we dont understand the reasons. Very beautiful story. God bless
iferlamb wrote: We tend to worry because of the bad people who want to harm us so it is hard to trust sometimes but this was beautiful. Thank you for the reminder.

unknown wrote: He is indeed an angel ... I am so happy that you are having a better moment since your difficult times, thanks so much for sharing, your post was touching :) deepula.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is great! A sincere act and a warm touch reaches far deeper than just our skin! :)

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