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The Power of a Simple Smile

--by elisiabattellx, posted Aug 21, 2010

I work in a pharmacy, on the main cash, full time. I love it, it's the perfect job for where I am in life, I feel like I'm learning so much from people. I always tell everyone who I serve to "have a great day" as they leave, and I always add a smile.

A few weeks ago a lady was in the pharmacy.  She wallked by me close to the end of the night, looking concentrated, but calm. I told her to have a great day, and as usual, smiled at her.  To my surprise, she broke down in tears.

I don't know why she was crying, but it was pretty obvious that she must have been having a horrible day. She quickly said:  "Thank you, that means more right now then you can imagine." And managed a smile, even though she was still crying. I wanted to go over and hug her, or at least reach out to her in some way, but she was gone before I could.

But it really just goes to show how a couple words and a smile can really make someone's day.

"Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It may be the only sunshine he sees all day." H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


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elisiabattellx wrote: Your wonderful comments brought tears to my eyes. :] <3 thankyou so much. This was a while ago now, but just remembering it fills me up with happiness. :]
bookworm58 wrote: A smile can make a big difference in someones life for sure. You never know what they have to deal with and a smile can make their day better. I try to smile every day too. Even tho at times its very hard. But it does make a difference in our world for sure. Thanks for sharing
prettypita wrote: We need more smiles in this world and "cheers" to you for spreading them everywhere!
InnerAlchemist wrote: Wow, what a powerful story. It is not as simple as smiling and saying the words "have a great day," but you must also be conveying a strongly positive, caring feeling through your vibration toward others. Bravo!
Edward wrote: The story seems simple but the inspiration from it is complex. A simpple smile can cure a nation, let alone a crying child. So smile as often as possible and the world will be much better.
Charlie48 wrote: Thank you for spreading kind words; some people seem to go through the day as if they were invisible to others; i am sure it means a lot when you recognize them.
Cappy wrote: This is so true. We never know how something so simple can comfort another.

Last week the pastor at my church shared something about this same thing. During the service every week, we hold hands with the people to our right and left during some of the singing. One day a woman went up to the pastor with a thank you, asking that they never give up this lovely tradition of holding hands. She is an older lady living in a downtown apartment house. She said holding hands at church is the only time she ever gets to touch another human being these days. It means so much!

iferlamb wrote: How powerful! Thank you for sharing.

moonshadowdebbie wrote: I was blessed by your story, as i am always smiling and do not know how many people it has brightened up. God bless you and keep smiling!
heartofflesh wrote: 1)Words administered carefully is the best therapy in the world !

2)I can live for two months on a compliment
Keep up th good work !!

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