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Ripples From A Smile Card Gesture

--by cyntcha, posted Aug 26, 2010

I went into a local cafe for breakfast one quiet morning with a friend of mine.  I grabbed a smile card as I left my car, not knowing quite what I was going to do with it. 

During the meal, I noticed a woman sat by herself, absorbed in a book,  at the table next to us.  I walked over to the waitress, asked how much the woman's check was, and handed her the money and a smile card with the instructions to give the woman the card, with the paid check, but to make sure not to tell her who had done this.

When the woman left, the waitress came to the table and told me that the woman was shocked and very happy, said she really needed someone to do this for her, and couldn't wait to pass it on. 

But what really touched me was that the waitress said the owner of the cafe had witnessed all of this, and was getting online to order smile cards herself so that she could continue the blessings to others!  Her spontaneous generosity made me realize that this form of giving/gifting really touches a chord deep within all of us, that chord that tells us that generosity and kindness is our true nature, and that we all want to be a part of it when we see it in action.  I can't wait to see where the smile cards will begin showing up in our little community.

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moral12 wrote: I know you made that woman's day, and, certainly made an impression on the people in that cafe. Thanks for sharing!
prettypita wrote: What a way to spread kindness! Not only did you show kindness to another, but in doing so, inspired another to do the same! Now that's what i'm talkin' 'bout!
kindredspirit wrote: Kindness is so infectious! Thanks for sharing.
ladybug2004 wrote: :d amazing, wonderful. I can't wait to have the opportunity to do the same for somebody. ^^ thank you for sharing your inspiring act of kindness.
iferlamb wrote: Terrific!

god4me wrote: Very nice story i had ordered cards today and pray i can do the same. God bless
bobily wrote: Great idea! I'll make some smile cards today!

I also call this "pay it forward" from the wonderful movie of the same name!

For years i have been paying the toll for a car behind me. Another good feeling, and cost so little.
lynp wrote: Very inspiring - thank you for sharing
dr.shaliniagam wrote: A terrific story. Well said
1golddragonfly wrote: This is a great story! Thanks for sharing.

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