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Three Carts in Three Minutes

--by AndyS, posted Sep 2, 2010

One way I try to make kindness part of my regular practice is when grocery shopping. I make a point to return the shopping carts left in the parking lot. Yesterday while at a Trader Joe's store in the Bay Area (I'm on vacation from Seattle this week), I returned three such carts.

This particular store had both street parking and a parking lot, and the street parking was quite a distance from the cart return. Carts had been left on the sidewalk, partially blocking the path for walkers and at risk for rolling into the street. Very quickly, I returned them to the cart return by the front door of the store. It took all of about three minutes.

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1golddragonfly wrote: Sometimes it's the little things we do that can make a difference. I know i would be glad the cart was not hitting my parked car or blocking the pathway. Thanks for being proactive!
harvester wrote: That was a great thing. I try to make sure my cart goes into the corral. I hate it when its freezing /rainny/snowing and the poor kid whose paid minimun wage has go all over the parking lot to gather up the carts. Its a hard thankless job. least we can do is put our carts where they belong
madeusmile wrote: I agree! I always push the carts already in the corral in as far as they'll go. You never know...the next person might not have the strength or physical ability to make room for his or her a little extra effort from us can't hurt!

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