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Offering Me the Oportunity to Give

--by cabbage, posted Sep 18, 2010

Yesterday we had a bunch of friends over to play some music and share a meal together. My husband and I had both made some special dishes and when everyone had left, there was some left over.  My husband started packing up a few containers of food to give to an older woman who lives in our neighborhood... and then he asked if I would deliver it because "I know how you like to do that!"

I left the house and walked over to the woman's house to give her the food. When I gave it to her, her eyes lit up and she was just thrilled. When I was leaving, she said that I had made her evening so much brighter-- it was how she said it that really touched my heart.

I walked home, gazing at the full moon, and thanking my husband for letting me be the "giver". He always does the right thing and never wants any credit!---I can learn from that.

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ramdas wrote: A good act of kindness. God bless. However, i appreciate, if you once again prepare a special meal especially for the old women (not leftovers) and feed her. Tell here that you made it specially for her. See the difference. God bless you again.
libby+meaghan wrote: That was really nice of her giving food to the lady
neelakanta wrote: Such acts of concern and care will bring satisfaction and lights up the life of needy
KristinP wrote: Really great that you recognized this as a gift from your husband. I learned something in this story, too. Thanks.
madeusmile wrote: How cool. You were both "the giver". He was "the giver" by allowing you to be "the giver"! What a quick reward! :)
bookworm58 wrote: This simple act of sharing a meal to someone is a true blessing indeed. When couples think of others its a blessing for them too. Its nice to know your neighbors and share when possible. They appreciate it so very much.
Veena wrote: Really touching.
shamini wrote: You guys are such nice people. God bless you both.
umaji wrote: This type of simple acts of kindness makes the world a heaven. Keep the good work going.
ekta wrote: Wow, you are a great couple. Now a days when everydody is busy in his/her own world,it's really good to do something for others.

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