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No Words Necessary (A Photo Story)

--by Bill M., posted Aug 22, 2010

This is the kind of stuff that helps renew ones faith in the human race.

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Louis Gibson wrote: Amen, amen, and amen
joe wrote: Great story. An angel saves an angel.

Keep it circulating. . .
Micah1116 wrote: This is so sweet! So wonderful that a bystander cared enough to jump in the water and rescue the doggie! =)
princessliz wrote: This was so brave of him! Thanks for sharing this moving story!
jsmc10 wrote: Love this story, made me tear up.
jsmc10 wrote: Love this story, made me tear up.
Greg Holbert wrote: What a great story! The photo narration is an interesting change of pace, and really let me get immersed in the story by telling my own as i looked through the pics!

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Tropic wrote: Wonderful, wonderful pictures. Animals deserve all the kindness in the world, too.
Diane C. wrote: These pictures are worth a thousand words! Awesome!
luv4all wrote: 'renew faith in human race'. This is so much necessary in our everyday life. May we all be excessively kind to animals, kids and our fellows to help them believe this and smile.

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