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Sharing with Love during Easter

--by Aurelia, posted Sep 17, 2010

Realizing that it was Easter Weekend and I had time on my hands, I called the local Soup Kitchen to see if they could use some help serving lunch.  They were very happy to accept my offer.

After we parked the car, my husband and I walked a few blocks to the Soup Kitchen.  That's how we spotted  Teddy as the Easter Bunny.  We have known Teddy for years, but this was a first for us to see him in a bunny outfit! His wife pushing him in his wheelchair up and down the sidewalk and he was distributing Easter Eggs. 

When he arrived at the Soup Kitchen for lunch he kept on giving eggs to everyone who arrived. He even ate his food with the mask on!

Teddy is in his 60s and doesn't have much money. It really humbled my heart to see him reaching out to others. His simple gesture of offering an egg with a candy inside lit up many faces and warmed many hearts. The children were especially excited to see this "homemade" Easter Bunny.

I originally offered to help serve a hot meal thinking I wanted to give - but I received a gift instead by watching Teddy giving to others. 

One extra special moment  that I'll mention was when Teddy called me over to tell me that he and his wife will be celebrating 39 years of marriage in a week. She gave a timid smile and grabbed his white furry bunny hand.

It melted my heart. They don't have much, but they have lots of Love. The best part is they know how to share their love with others.

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happysoul wrote: Very touching one! :)
JuneBug wrote: How cute !!..The more LOVE we have, the richer we become !! :)
heartofflesh wrote: Some one said ' Love is yours the moment you give it away.' Please convey my best wishes to Teddy and his wife if you see them again.You seem to be giving yourself to serving in spite of your own financial difficulties. Please remember the LORD is with you and directing your every single move.You will finish well, gloriously because your heart is filled with kindness and you have encouraged all of us with your stories and comments and your labour in the LORD will not go in vain.! I am proud to have knowne and claim you as my best friend !
unknown wrote: Lovely :) to hear teddy's life and how you all connected ... May both of you be benefitted immensely by being you. Lovingly, deepula.
MakeSomeoneSmile wrote: That is wonderful! What a wonderful way for you to be reminded of the ultimate Gift on such a special day! MWAH my kind friend!

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