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Recycling With A Little Extra Kindness

--by dgrav, posted Sep 23, 2010

Most of us live in neighborhoods with regular recycle pickups and my family is very dilligent about our household recycling.  However, there is one item we do not place in the regular pick-up bin. 

We set aside our aluminum cans in a separate box.  When the box is full, we take the cans to the parking lot of a local grocery store where there is a self-service aluminum can recycling machine that pays for aluminum cans by weight.

We leave the box of aluminum cans for someone to find when they go to recycle their own cans.  It is a small gesture, but it is free to us.  For someone who has taken the time to recycle their cans, every dime is probably precious, so I imagine that they feel a small thrill when they see an extra box of cans to add to their totals.

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KristinP wrote: What an innovative act of kindess to another and to mother earth! Thanks for doing this.
serveothers wrote: You are very thoughtful. Very insightful view.
madeusmile wrote: "one man's trash is another man's treasure"...for sure!
glorioski wrote: A simple gesture, and the simplest of gestures are often the most meaningful. I like this idea.

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