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Facebook Kindness Saves A Family

--by heavensblessing, posted Sep 28, 2010

You join Facebook and " friend" your old classmates. You might not ever talk about anything serious with them but they are there. You read their status, laugh at their jokes, groan at the corny quotes, or wish them a happy birthday.  Until last week, that is....

A classmate from twenty years ago was one of my Facebook  friends. A few random comments he made gave me the impression that something was wrong so I prodded him to call me.  He did call and I found out that that he, his wife and eight children had just moved into a cheap motel room.  He had used the very last of their money to pay for a week's stay there. He had no job and they had lost their home.

What do you do in a situation like that?  I am just me, with my own family, my own worries, not enough money to save them and not enough room in my own home to offer them shelter... butI decided to make it my mission to try and help him.

My sister and I bought a few groceries and took them to the motel room. She even made them a spaghetti dinner and took it along on one of our visits.  During those times I decided to do something a bit extreme...  I messaged all of our mutual Facebook friends from our graduating class.

What happened next was just miraculous! I had listed all the major things this family needed; a job, a home, money, food, clothes - and happiness! Soon I was getting responses. Classmates, some of whom had previously only been barely cordial started calling me for info or sending donations for the family.

Someone told me they knew someone else in a nearby town with an empty house. My Facebook friend and his beautiful family  live there now. Homeless on Saturday, a new home on Tuesday! Incredible!  The home owners donated the house rent free, only asking for them to pay utilities and mow the lawn when it needed to be done. 

Soon this family had volunteers from our class delivering furniture, groceries, toys, even job applications!

There are still many things we are hoping for this family. They have yet to get a vehicle for work and he hasn't found a job, but everyone is wearing smiles now... And, let me tell you, the hugs from his lovely children speak louder than any words ever could!

I became the bridge between this family's needs and people who could help them. It still amazes me how wonderfully it all worked out, just because of little old me and my Facebook friends! God works His wonders through us, even when we may not have any idea what we are doing!

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josietn wrote: Glowworm said it best! One "little" droplet of kindness became a flood! May god bless you and all the kind people who helped out this family.
luv4all wrote: So b'ful. If the world is united in this way there would be no hunger, no problems. We all will stand up for each other, no fear then :) internet can be used if you have a good group. Wow
namaste70 wrote: Beautiful!
sunshin3 wrote: This is amazing! What an inspirational story. You hear too much about the cons of social networking so this a wonderful reminder of how it can be used to do some good too :)
Alex wrote: It does not matter blah. Things have changed for people everywhere and it is none of our business why they had 8 beautiful children just that they all need to eat and we, you, the people around them can help someone turn their misfortune into an opportunity to be of service. He lost his job! He lost his home. Now he is on the road to happiness again and that is what matters most of all. Give of yourself even if it is only your blessings of love and light for a better future starting now.
Ravi wrote: Dear all
Its great. This is the right use of technology. Technology which enhances lives and makes us more connected.

Love you all who helped.

You have upheld the trust we have on all of mankind.

With love and regards
Faithfulness wrote: Thats the sweetest news. God will never forget your labour of love.
mo wrote: Everyone is here for a reason. There is a reason these eight children are here regardless of their situation. One of those children may grow up and find the cure for cancer or any number of things that might help someone else or our planet. May they all be blessed with the kindness of others as well as you. Every living creature deserves hope.
Alieda wrote: I am stating hear crying what a wonderful story. May god bless you and all the others you can to your old classmates aid. May god continue to bless the little family.
Exilda Jika wrote: May god meet all your needs as you meet other peoples needs am in similar situation i wish i could meet people to help me. You are a blessing

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