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Helping A Little, Healing A Little

--by cabbage, posted Oct 6, 2010

During one of the toughest weeks of my life (my father in law and my cousin had died and a colleague had committed suicide) I had the chance to experience surprising grace.

I was in my office, in between teaching classes when a young man came by. He was obviously very distraught and close to tears. He was an older student and always appeared like a tough guy, never showing emotion.

He had told me earlier, that he was dealing with some difficult family issues. He was a caregiver for his younger sister who was very ill. This day he came in sat down and just sobbed and sobbed until I thought he would burst.

He gasped for air, wailed and sobbed some more while I sat and patted his back.  I listened while he told me how he had been up all night in the hospital with his sister and that's why he couldn't take my exam that morning. I told him not to worry about it at all. He was clearly in no shape for an exam. I told him to go home and sleep and if he was up for it he could take it a few days later. I reassured him that I would do everything I could do help him get through the class. (He is a serious student, very bright and I know he was concerned about this). 

I just sat there while he sobbed. "I think she might die," he gasped. "What am I going to do?" It was clear to me that he had never expressed this fear out loud to anyone. It was as if a dam had just burst in him. I just listened, fully focused on him, his pain, and how he could cope and tried to offer some soft words of compassion and encouragement. 

After quite some time he composed himself. I reassured him again that it didn't matter to me when he took his exam and that I would help him through. Then he left. 

Afterwards, I felt like his visit was a blessing. To enable me to help him while I was in pain myself was the most incredible gift. I couldn't stop thinking about it.

God never gives us more than we can handle---and He sends angels our way in so many guises.


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Non wrote: I feel so touched. May i post this into my blog please?
irishgirl wrote: my heart goes out to you for all your losses. keep your head up and stay strong and thank god for community when times are that hard. i'm sure you took a huge burden of that student's shoulders.
unknown wrote: cabbie, despite all your troubles, you could offer your time and Divine space for the bright young man. I am not sure if his sister decided to stay longer or leave, but I do pray strength for this young man. I pray strength for him. Lots of love and healing blessings to you cabbie, your friend, deepula.
heartofflesh wrote: In the very act of comforting we are comforted. I have experienced this once or twice in my life. May the Spirit of God heal the pain in the hearts of both of you.
Please continue to share !
Mahendra40 wrote: God is pleased when we comfort the person in need
anshu wrote: cabbie what ever u do u don't how many people inspire with u. really very good.and God pleased with u.& I pray to God help u .
iferlamb wrote: Bless you! You're strength is amazing to be a sholder for someone when you yourself are suffering so much. It does help an unimaginable amount to help others when we ourselves are the ones who need help. You were his angel.

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